Pre Construction

West Coast Contractors of Nevada, Inc. (WCC) believes very strongly in the effectiveness of pre-construction. In our experience, it assists in adhereing to the construction project budgets, and has proven to mitigate Requests for Information and costly change orders. Similarly, it streamlines communication and establishes processes, procedures, and authorities for all responsible parties. Moreover, because all parties are involved in the beginning of the project, the owner’s end goals are closely monitored from beginning to end.

WCC understands the importance of contractor involvement throughout all phases of the project, but most importantly how crucial pre-construction is to the successful implementation of a project. It is our standard practice to immediately establish a team atmosphere based on communication and transparency, as this approach ultimately develops the cooperation and trust needed for a successful project In the end, it is our primary goal to have satisfied clients who enjoyed the experience of working with WCC.

The primary focus of this process is to identify constructability concerns and address risk management for the owner. Reviewing means and methods for assembly details, and evaluating preliminary material selections for cost, availability, and anticipated life cycle establishes a platform for finalizing design. This provides reassurance to the owner that by selecting WCC, they will be given a project with minimal change orders that is delivered on time, and with a level of professionalism that is rarely matched. We enjoy what we do and want you to enjoy your time working with us.